Name of Project Name of client Year executed Description
Restoration of Dixt reservoir, Breakwater (3year Project) Finolex 2008 IDDC was awarded this work since the design for restoration involved intricate work process. It was critical that the work had to be completed in 45 days before the onset of monsoon.
PMS for their Various Project ICI 2008-09 Various building were to be constructed in a very small space and time frame. IDDC was awarded this work to ensure that the project did not have any time overrun and to plan the utilization of space.
Sea Water Filtration Plant RIL


The filtration plant was to be rehabilitated externally without it being shut down. But the method and operation was critical to avoid any contamination of treated water. IDDC was assigned that task of supervision during rehabilitation.
Housing societies for their Repair and Rehabilitation of their Buildings Housing Societies 2006-2016 Various housing societies which undergo rehabilitation need PMS service during execution. IDDC has been providing this service since the past 15 years as S. J. Group and previous to that as Sachin Joshi & Co,, the same scope is being continued in IDDC. We have till date provided PMS to over 200 housing societies. IDDC are Pioneers in this sphere of activities.
Repair & Rehabilitation of their Office Building at Andheri Hindustan Computer Ltd.


The job needed proper planning and implementation of rehabilitation design. IDDC were assigned the task as we had designed the rehab scheme.
Construction of new head office Building in Mangalore South Kanara District central Coop Bank Ltd.


IDDC was awarded this job after the project was stalled by the previous contractor. IDDC helped the client in smooth execution of the work.
Interior work of office area at various location in Mumbai and near by The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

2011 -2014

IDDC was awarded the work of Project Management for renovating their various offices in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The assigned work was start from conceptualization till handing over the completed work.
Construction of internal road in the complex at Andheri, Mumbai The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.


IDDC prepared the internal road layout in the NIA complex.  Quality check during execution and handing over the site as per the Clients requirements.