Name of Project Name of client Year executed Description
Project Victor DGNP 2002-2007

The client requires detail designing and detailing for the project Victor. IDDC is conceptualized the layout as per the details provided. Based on the concept developed detailed architectural drawings were completed. The drawings prepared were got the clearance of the client’s department involved in the projects such as forest, municipal, development boards, electric departments, environmental clearance, fire department, machine / lift clearance etc.  The Structural design and detailing were done based on the approved architectural drawings. Detailing and working drawings were generated for execution of the work on site.

Housing complex Hyderabad 2010

Based on the approved architectural drawing the structural designing was done. The detail working drawings were prepared which help the site execution team. 

Similar projects of varying size and complexity were executed by IDDC during the past 15 years.
Jetty design ABG at Vizag Port


The 250m long jetty was designed for handling coal transported trough 70,000DWT vessel. The jetty is located along the coast of Vizag. The detail designing based on the soil condition were conducted. The office building and the stack yard are designed based on the requirement of the client.  The design was vetted by IIT Madras before actual construction. Tender was floated by IDDC and the selection process was assisted by IDDC. Partial supervision during soil investigation was provided by IDDC and design as modified as per geotechnical findings and then the actual construction was done.
Steel Plant Vizag Steel Plant


IDDC provided design support to Vizag Steel plant expansion program.