1986 - Founded Sachin Joshi & Co. Consultancy started, First client : M/s L.R.Chawla & Co. for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Tank Farm soil filling project.

1987-90 - Developed the concept for Scientific Rehabilitation of cooperative housing society buildings in mumbai.

1990-94 - Mr. Satish Rao joins the group as Head-Marketing from 1990-93. Established Consultancy for Rehabilitation of Housing Societies. Provided Consultancy to over 200 cooperative Housing Societies for Rehab of Structures. Published Technical paper at 3rd International Conference on Inspection, Appraisal, Repair and Maintenance of Buildings at Bangkok.

1995 - Mr. Sitharama Raju Sagi joins the group as Coordinator - South India Propounded the Theory : "first Repair Last Damage" and published "FRWD Expounded" at International Conference on Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Structures in UK. Developed basic Building inspection Mutual/format for Housing Structures

1996-99 - Introduced in India the following Non-Destructive Technologies : Ground Penetration Radar in distress management(Introductory work was Gopal Krishna Gokhale Bridge at andheri, Mumbai. Low Strain Integrity Test(LSIT)and High Strain Integrity Test(HSIT)for deep foundation and Low Strain Integrity Test(LSIT) for distress evaluation in laminate structures. Technical Cooperation with M/s Test Consult of UK.

2000 - Evolved the concept of "Imaging Technology Applications in Civil engineering" Provided consultancy to first International Job for Edmund Nuttal Co. from Europe from bridge project in Bangladesh.

2000-04 - Provided and Evolved various cost effective techniques for rehabilitation of structures consultancy for many industrial projects including Thermal Power station, Nuclear Power plant, paper and pulp factory, Heavy Industries, Pharma Industry, Petro-chemical plants, Petroleum Refinery etc. Lead a Team of over 70 Engineers Post Earthquake in Gujarat for Damage assessment in various towns and cities of Gujarat.


2004 - Infrastructure Design and Development consultancy(IDDC) established with an aim to provide consultancy for Infrastructure projects.

2004-06 completed first major assignment for DGNP, vizag-DPR for major port project.

2006 IDDC was converted into a fully staff owned company called IDDC Engineers Pvt.Ltd.(IEPL) with 10 of oldest staff as share holders, Mr. Sachin Joshi assumes charge as Managing Director and Mr.Sitharam Raju Sagi continues as director. IEPL incorporates Strucad software for 3D detailing of steel structures.

2007 Mr. Satish Rao join as Directors, IEPL Provided consultancy to over 100 Infrastructure projects like

Thermal Power Plant

Naval Base Development

Steel Plant


Infrastructure Planning and Designs for major city master plans. (Infrastructure Design and planning for Mohali Master plan)as a sub consultant to Jurong consultants, Singapore.

Infrastructure Planning and Designs for SEZ, STP, RTZ etc.

Established largest3D steel Detailing back office.

2007-08 Research on "BAMP" Bridge Asset Management Program later published in IRC Journal Jan 2008.

2009 IEPL into a memorandum for formation of a Limited liability Partnership firm with EPC Consultants, Inc. of USA for providing services in project / Construction Management

IDDC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is awarded "Excellence Award" by Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi Mr. Sachin Joshi has been conferred the "Udyog Rattan" Award by "Institute of Economic Studies"

2010 – 2012

IDDC successfully completed Pre construction audit of 400+ structures (including flyovers, railway station, metro stations etc.) along KolkataMetro Alignment.

IDDC successfully completed structural audit for various industrial, commercial & residential structures including Chimneys and institutional College Building.

IDDC undertook and completed design of 250meter long jetty structures for new Jetty within Vizag Port.

IDDC was awarded the work for Third Party Inspection for irrigation project for three districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

IDDC completed the work of Preliminary inspection of 120+ bridges in the city of Mumbai and Western Suburb of Mumbai for MCGM.

2011 – 2014

IDDC initiated the formation of the Research division “Asset Management Technologies (AMT)” headed by principal Researcher Mr. Sachin Joshi. AMT works for developing Civil Engineering concepts. The initial focus was on completion of Research on Bridge Management System which was in progress for over 8 years. AMT published BAMP in 2014 and the same was awarded the Copyright Certificate by Government of India.

Work on Third Party Inspection was completed and World Bank team visited the Laboratory set up at Vishakhapatnam.

Redevelopment of Housing structure: 25+ Coop societies in Mumbai opt for IDDC to provide consultancy for their Redevelopment project.

IDDC completed detailed inspection of 12+ bridges for MCGM.


IDDC was awarded the prestigious assignment to Develop and Implement “Indian Bridge Management System” (IBMS) for Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways in June 2015 and as of today has completed the development part of IBMS and field Consultants appointed by Ministry have undertaken the process of compiling inventory of bridge structures on National Highways of India. The Inventory is the single largest Database of Bridge structures in the world. Expected inventory of bridge structures is likely to exceed 120,000 structures.

IDDC is working for Maharashtra Maritime Board to inspect and audit all major jetties in Maharashtra through a association ship with Zebec.

IDDC is working on completing the infrastructure planning of storm water system for Smart City project of Vishakhapatnam

IDDC completed the structural audit of Vizag Steel Plant.